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Time is on my side

Hootie and I are very different people, and thank God for it. He and his Blowfish asked “Time, why you punish me?” and reflected about his and their time wasted, time walking and not being a friend of his. He didn’t know where he was going because he was out of his mind thinking about … Read MoreTime is on my side

Northeastern News Message Board

The schematic on the right – available on the internet – is just part of the plans from a kit for a microwave gun capable of shooting a 15,000 watt blast of microwave radiation at a target hundreds of feet away. Targeted individuals will feel weak, dizzy, sudden blurriness of vision, irregular heartbeat, numbness of … Read MoreNortheastern News Message Board

This Round’s on Me

This is it? I don’t know, I guess I just always thought my first column would be more … romantic. Isn’t your first supposed to be special? Well I guess this could have been special, had the main character of this tale actually called me back. But that would be totally out of character for … Read MoreThis Round’s on Me

Coke is it for Fenway Vendor

This season, the main attraction in the Fenway Park bleachers has not been beachballs or the wave. It hasn’t been the pitchers in the bullpen and, more often than not, it certainly hasn’t been the game. When the Red Sox are losing and Roger Clemens isn’t on the mound, what is it that makes the … Read MoreCoke is it for Fenway Vendor

Letters to the Editor

Political prisoner deserves to speak and live Ben Maendel’s commentary “Death penalty serves no justice for minorities” (April 30) was right on the mark. More specifically, Mumia Abu-Jamal is one of the most important political prisoners in the world today. The rulers are desperate to silence this revolutionary through death, and they have moved repeatedly … Read MoreLetters to the Editor

Everyone has a right to their fredom

It is unfortunate that part of Will Hunting’s commendable redemption, which is principally his learning to trust in love, consists of his giving up his habit of assault, because the court forces him into counseling as a term of probation for assaulting a police officer. Will Hunting has always gotten off by relying on antique, … Read MoreEveryone has a right to their fredom

Tunes for the head

One thing is for sure, you will have plenty of questions when you see the new iSoundCap by a company of the same name. Music fans can now wear their music by tucking their iPod into the iSoundCap’s protective sleeve and letting it rip. The iSoundCap is a hat that holds an iPod shuffle or … Read MoreTunes for the head

Getting touched on the T

The MBTA can be a quick way to get around the city, but for some riders, like Cathy Gorman of Abington, it has also led to an uncomfortable situation. During a recent visit with her daughter, Kristen Gorman, she said a male passenger reached under her dress as he was standing in front of her. … Read MoreGetting touched on the T