The top addictions you never knew about

Drug addiction and abuse is a terrible problem that’s affecting many individuals around the globe. Good folks from every city, state, and country in the world encounter the negative effects of drug abuse. Hopefully I will shed some light on this condition here, and help you to understand not only why drugs like heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine are so bad, but what things to do in case you’re already addicted.

Alcoholic beverage and substance addiction treatment can be a procedure that is complicated. It demands commitment that is non stop from the affected person to entirely avoid utilizing medications or taking any more booze. In many instances, physical dependence on booze and drugs necessitates overcoming it through proper clinical treatment supplied to them. So as to cleanse the individuals that are addicted with security, medical oversight is very essential. Security is really significant just because a sudden elimination in the junkie’s human body or diet of alcohol or drugs will bring about incredibly distinct adjustments physiologically. This can occasionally even become life-threatening, and can produce lots of distress for the individual.

Luckily, there are residential centers that allow patients to get in patient rehab treatment, as well as hospital therapy if it’s desired. Treatment centers will often propose an in-patient system for somewhat more acute drug habit instances that need better supervision. A lot of cases fall within this kind, as well as the typical hooked individual is very well offered by being in a program that is residential.

Heroin is an opioid that arrives from Asia in the opium poppy plant. Once taken, diamorphine may change to morphia inside the body. The substance is applied to the roads as a sort of recreational medication that is also generally known as tar, brown, slap, or dark tar. On initial software, people who use this medication might feel a rush of pleasure and joy, along with a sense of well-being. These intense feelings are a part of what leaves the consumer wanting more, which ultimately leads to dependence and tolerance.

In spite of the amount utilized or the period, the chance for users might boost to encounter heart-attack, respiratory failure, stroke, or seizure. Any of these effects may lead to sudden-death. The tolerance to this drug requires taking better and greater quantities to get a similar large while it improves. Long term daily-use might cause reduction of sleep deprivation and desire. Someone start to encounter hallucinations and may become psychotic. As cocaine begins to restrict the brain’s procedures, you will want higher and higher dosages of the drug to feel “normal”. These individuals who become drug hooked drop their interest in additional aspects of lifestyle. Being down in the medication may cause exceptionally acute depression, bad enough that someone would do just about anything so that you can have the drug, including theft or assault.

There is also drunkenness. Ceasing alcoholism is usually considered a hard and long journey. Really, those who suffer from alcohol abuse is not, although there are times that it may feel frustrated and could think that overcoming alcohol addiction is impossible. Should you be not unwilling to avoid drinking and start your treatment plan, then you can succeed. Plus, if you have the support of your family members and friends, the process will be effortless and simple, despite the fact that it is going to take some work. You do not require to wait for something very bad before using back control of your lifestyle from drunkenness to happen. Your alcohol addiction can be gotten rid of permanently. You can change and you could make it happen.

When you use cocaine at a regular regularity over a long time period, physical as well as psychological dependence, or addiction, begins. If there is a person actually dependent on cocaine, he or she will begin developing cocaine withdrawal symptoms when using the medicine is stopped. This can lead because the effect of withdrawal would be quite disagreeable one to keep using cocaine despite its adverse effects.

Heroin might be abused in manners that were a number of. It may be intravenously injected, smoked, or even inhaled in the powder form. Every method of use immediately crosses the blood-brain barrier. The brain will be converted into morphine, once heroin gets into it. Hence, using heroin reduces pain and boosts pleasant emotions. The primary results developed by heroin incorporate a surge of sensation or so called “rush”. Ordinarily, a dry mouth and emotions that were comfortable accompanies this on the skin. You can find times when the first reaction may include intense irritation or disgorgement. A user seems tired for an hour or two when the main outcomes fade. Heroin use also slows the functions and respiration down.

Habits of this type have been a difficulty in culture for quite a long time. Even in ancient times, people have already been taking medicines such as opium in an effort to to flee the problems in their lives. Unfortunately, it really is sooner or later, and merely a very short-term escape their lives must be faced by them. But, they must now face a life that maybe not only gets the exact same difficulties as before, but additionally h as drug habit inside it, too. Let us briefly discuss three extremely dangerous, and very frequent, medications – heroin, cocaine, and alcohol.

Too much cocaine may result from breathing or respiratory failure, cerebral hemorrhage or stroke in departure. Whatever the associated risks, cocaine’s use constantly grows, probably because many users have found it hard to to flee once they begin that long street that is dark down. Cocaine can trigger an intense, short lived high that’s eventually followed through an extreme impatience, depression and also the yearning for more of the medicine. Users typically tend not to sleep or eat correctly. They might experience muscle jerks, heartbeat that is heightened, and convulsions. Cocaine may give the impression of anxiousness, fury, fear and ill will to people, also if they aren’t high.

Another of the commonly used types of medication is cocaine, which creates very negative influences on the mental well being, brain, and center of consumers. Crack addiction generates quite powerful results on one’s life, and therefore distinguishing the early signals of drug habit in one is essential. Cocaine is regarded as one among the very harmful medications in the whole world. When an individual begins to take this drug, it truly is nearly impossible to discontinue. It actually arouses key receptors in the brain, which consequently produce euphoria, which easily develops into an addiction. The same result may be brought about by simply more frequent use at greater dosages. Today, cocaine is a multi-billion dollar business world-wide. Users span all ages, economic levels, as well as occupations, even school children as young as 8 yrs old.

Most importantly, the key thing that is wanted is the commitment from your person. If you are firmly dedicated to getting control of your own life back from the drugs, there’s definitely a means for you yourself to do it. That selection is the first stage that is most crucial for you to make make the choice right now that you’re likely to get better, and you are going to get the lifestyle that you always wanted to have.

The results on the user’s physique from continuous use of the drug are not really constructive. Continuing injections may lead to diseases to the heart valves and can lead to collapsed veins. Tuberculosis may result in the overall poor body condition. Regardless of these, arthritis may be another outcome of heroin addiction. When you turn into a heroin abuser, you are going to experience withdrawal symptoms that are specific in the event that you try to give up. A strong tolerance for a certain substance leads to modifications to the way people’s body features when they are suffering from it. Individual physiques have a tendency to adapt, so that also if you’re taking heroin, a drug that is poisonous to operating, the human body might adjust. Therefore once you give the drug up, it only indicates your body needs to get a re adjustment period. That is exactly what heroin withdrawal symptoms means. “Detoxing” is another name for this period of time.

The most perfect program for somebody going through substance or alcohol dependence is an entire inpatient therapy. It not only helps the patient recover quickly, but could additionally help prevent relapse in the future. Full attention could be directed at the patient, which really makes the recuperation interval shorter as well as the results better. As soon as you enroll in the program that is right, you happen to be on the road to complete recovery.

Time is on my side

Hootie and I are very different people, and thank God for it. He and his Blowfish asked “Time, why you punish me?” and reflected about his and their time wasted, time walking and not being a friend of his. He didn’t know where he was going because he was out of his mind thinking about time.

Well, as I finish my five years at Northeastern, I’ve had time to reflect on my time here and yes, sometimes time wasn’t a friend of mine. There were times I wanted more time, times time stood still for too long and of course time wasted. At the end of the day though – or at the end of nearly five years of days – time is on better terms with me than it is with Darius Tucker.

Maybe I’m just lucky, but in reflection about my time here, things just always seemed to work out. Paul McCartney wrote it best when he sang about the long and winding road. Life, especially while in college, is just that. Mine was, and of course it had its bumps throughout, but looking back, navigating the road wasn’t that hard.

I was like Richard Dreyfus character, Trotter, in the horse betting movie, “Let it Ride.” His luck never ran out, he had faith that in the end he was going to come out on top and he did. He risked it all by almost throwing it all away each time he bet, but he didn’t just win, he couldn’t lose.

Maybe I didn’t win as big as he, but I’m ending my college career feeling like nobody had it better than me. Maybe there are seniors graduating with a 4.0 GPA. I’m sure there are plenty who had higher paying jobs; co-op jobs and I’m positive, being a journalism major, that plenty of my peers who sit with me in the FleetCenter on the morning of June 15 will start with a higher salary than me at their first job.

I don’t mean to sound bravado, but I couldn’t care less. Good for them. Just like Trotter, I made bets and I won. I made a bet on who my friends would be, where I would live, what type of social life I would lead and, most meaningful, who my girlfriend would be, and in every instance I won. No, not all was perfect, but where parts of my life weren’t perfect, I have few regrets.

I think the key to doing this was not sweating the small stuff and keeping the attitude that things were always going to work themselves out in the end. Two summers ago, friends of mine laughed at me as I kept proclaiming myself and two roommates’ apartment problem was going to fix itself. In short, our lease was expiring and the on-campus housing we were expecting never came through. I kept saying “I have faith in the system,” but all my faith rewarded us with was a place at Mount Ida. We didn’t take it and moved into an extra bedroom in a friend’s apartment no bigger than a walk-in closet. Three people in one room wasn’t great for comfort, but it was the most fun I had in college. With any other attitude than the three of us had, we would have never made it.

I was also able to get through the biggest challenge of my college career, my position at The News, with the same attitude. I’m of the belief that if someone doesn’t believe that there is anyway they can fail, than they won’t. It is a pretty ignorant attitude to take, but it worked for me.

In a couple of weeks I will be out of school with no job, no place to live and no plans in general, but I have given it little thought. It’s not because I don’t worry about it, it’s more that I have other things on my plate. Granted, time will be up in less than a month, but I’ll deal with it then because tomorrow is just another day and time is on my side, oh yes it is.

Northeastern News Message Board

The schematic on the right – available on the internet – is just part of the plans from a kit for a microwave gun capable of shooting a 15,000 watt blast of microwave radiation at a target hundreds of feet away.
Targeted individuals will feel weak, dizzy, sudden blurriness of vision, irregular heartbeat, numbness of limbs and other harmful long-range effects.

This is not illegal, except in Massachusettes & Michigan.

A crude microwave weapon – like a phaser set to stun

What are Psychotronics and Gang Stalking?

In broad terms, “Psychotronics” is anything havng to do with affecting the brain with an electronic device.

In broad terms, “Gang Stalking” is a method of harassment by a group of people against an individual in order to harass or demean them on a consistent and perpetual basis over an extended period of time.

Gang-stalking may occur without the use of psychotronics. The use of psychotronics MAY include gang-stalking. This is particularly true in cases of vigilante stalking and harassment where portable equipment is in use.

site for an excellent introduction to the concepts and technologies involved in gang-stalking and electronic harassment.

In both cases, harassment is difficult to prove. Because of the circumstances of the harassment and the advanced technology in use, reporting such harassment causes the victim to become suspect of having a mental illness. This, because reports include being watched, hearing voices and other “effects” of psychotronic harassment (and all proven to exist as shown in articles on this site).

While it is understandable that authorities and mental health officials might quickly classify their reports as mental illness and subject them to possible mandatory observation – it becomes obvious as to why reports of this kind of harassment are few, as victims have little opportunity to be taken seriously, despite the facts.

Because few people understand that these crimes exist and that the technology to do it is available and becoming more common every day, it makes Psychotronic abuse and gang-stalking the perfect crimes. To what end – there are many differing opinons.

Regardless of the reasons, victims are simply left to endure the treatment they are given. People who learn about psychotronics and gang-stalking learn to cope with it and generally seek ways to inform other people of what is possible with these technologies.

People who do not become aware of the cause of their “decline” often become disabled due to “mental illness” and are prescribed anti-psychotics. Victims often additionally acquire post traumatic stress disorder because of their harassment.

Yet, their symptoms would disappear if the electronic bombardment stopped.

Microwaves: What we’ve come to know.

It’s time to connect the dots and state outright what is true.

Some of what you’ll be told will seem unbelievable. But, as previously stated, these conclusions are all supported by publicly known fact. The relatively small amount of information on this site will confirm these conclusions.

In addition, numerous reports from victims independently reporting their symptoms confirms a direct correlation between their harassment and the technologies currently available, primarily to corporations under development contracts with the U.S. Government, as well as various intelligence agencies of the U.S. Government conducting legitimate surveillance operations, as well as conducting non-consensual experimentation on U.S. Citizens as allowed by law as deemed necessary for reasons of national security.

The United States is not the only country in possession or in use of these kinds of devices. In fact, Russia is considered to be, far and away, the leader in the implementation of this technology for humanitarian purposes as well as their potential as weapons of war. There have been several treaties proposed calling for the international ban of psychotronic devices for the purposes of mind control.

The U.S. has long demonstrated its interest in mind control technologies. CIA Project MK Ultra as well as FBI program CoIntelPro are the best know examples of their experimentation and use of mind control techniques. Further, there have been numerous tests in effecting mind control over regional populations in the United States. The erection of HAARP as well as the GWEN Towers Network can only be interpreted as the U.S. Government’s satisfaction with the effectiveness of these mind-control microwave and extremely low frequency (ELF) systems.

In addition, individuals and vigilants have access to psychotronic and directed energy devices. You can purchase them on the web for as little as $500 dollars.

Anecdotal Evidence Is Consistent and Growing

More and more web sites and victim reports are being heard describing the same kinds of physical and mental torment being exacted by the most advanced technologies.

Voice to Skull – known as V2K or “hearing voices” – is one of the most insidious of all. There is a great deal of evidence available showing how sound and microwaves and ultrasound can be projected in order to induce the equivalent of “sound” directly into the mind electromagnetically, completely bypassing the ear.

The U.S. Military defines a Voice To Skull Device as:

Non-lethal weapon which includes

1) a neuro-electromagnetic device which uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of persons or animals by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation.

2) a Silent Sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of person or animals. NOTE: The sound modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages. One application of V2K is use as an electronic scarecrow to frighten birds in the vicinity of airports.

Non-Lethal Weapons as weapons systems that are explicitly designed and primarily employed so as to incapacitate personnel or material, while minimizing fatalities, permanent injury to personnel, and undesired damage to property and the environment.

Further correlation of technological reports compared to anecdotal reports clearly show an ability to utilize what has become known as “synthetic telepathy”, or the ability, through advanced brainwave and function mapping, to read your thoughts in real-time.

Victims are subjected to prolonged interrogation/harassment using technologies that can not be blocked or stopped (ELF waves), thus rendering the victim helpless against the interrogator. From that point on, the victim has no private thoughts, and the interrogator may interject noise or talk at any time. Because the sound goes directly to the brain, there is no way for the victim to “block it out”.

Interrogations go on for days and weeks, often while the victim undergoes sleep deprivation in ways that are designed to deprive the victim of useful REM sleep, and negatively impacting their memory. Because of the stress and lack of sleep, victims are often left exhausted with severly low electrolyte levels, and often inappropriate seratonin and norepinephrine levels.

One major difference between people who are being harassed by psychotronic devices and people who are mentally ill is simple: people who are being harassed who – one way or another – learn of these technologies and understand their capabilities easily overcome their disorientation caused by wondering “why is all this happening to me?” as well as easily give up any delusions imposed upon them by their manipulators. This is more pronounced particularly with people experiencing voice to skull harassment – normally simply described as “hearing voices”.

A Variety of Toronto Apartments For Rent

Being able to find a place to live and call home is important. It is hard to come up with the money to purchase a home. That is why there are a variety of apartments that can be rented instead. There are many apartments for rent in Toronto. It is easier to pay a certain amount of money each month for a home than it is to pay a huge amount of money at one time. Being able to locate a big enough apartment to fit the needs of the renter is essential. There are apartments in this location that can accommodate the capacity that a person is looking for. An apartment can range from an efficiency space, which would be big enough for a single individual. There are also apartments that are large in size. These are normally rented by people who have families and need extra space.

The is plentiful and allows people to move in quickly. Some of these types of housing will advertise special deals that can save more money for people. It can allow an individual to pay half of the deposit and move in; while allowing the other half to be paid at a later date. Discounts and benefits is a way to help the potential renter and the owner. It lets families have a home faster and provides preeminent income for the apartment owner.

In this location, the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment can range from $300-$500. This depends on the area the apartment is located and if it allows pets. Some of the apartments may let you have a pet with additional cost added to the rent. A three-bedroom apartment can range from $500-$800. This is also dependent on the location of the apartment and what stipulations the landlord has regarding renters’ requirements.

There are numerous apartments that offer to park for renters. They may offer a play area for kids to take advantage of. Some of the apartment complexes are constructed in a location that is safe for kids and renters to enjoy. When looking for an apartment in Toronto, there should be no problem being able to move in within a short period. This type of housing can be a huge relief for families who need to find a home in a short time frame. The variety of apartments that are offered, can help a person find just what they are looking for in a home.

Ron Jeremy to debate porn issues at Blackman

“We wanted to show both ends of the spectrum on a topic that affects college students,” Lowell said.

Jeremy debates on behalf of freedom of speech, citing pornography as a form of expression, she said. Gross has spent his life helping recovering porn addicts and spreading information about the dangers of Internet pornography and sex addiction. Jeremy and Gross have met several times, but have never debated. Both have expressed an interest in debating each other.

The XXX Church Web site,, has a motto that “every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten” and the site has a “Killing Kitties” song and a video demonstrating how to “Save the Kittens.” A list of “Porn Facts” on the Web site reveals statistics, like a 1986 Women’s Day survey of 6,000 readers, which found that 21 percent of women who were sexually abused knew the person who abused them was heavily interested in pornography.

Cindy Bregman, a sophomore political science major, said although she is not personally interested in pornography, it should be an individual decision.

“It’s an interesting thing to bring to campus,” Bregman said. “But CUP should focus on more important events, such as Springfest.”

Rebecca Torcia, a freshman psychology major, said the event is a good idea that is relevant to a college audience.

“I think they are trying to get students involved, and this is something students would probably go to, because almost every guy I know watches [pornography],” Torcia said.

Although Torcia said she doesn’t have a moral objection to pornography, she said there should be more protection for children.

“I do think it’s creepy that it’s on TV, because little kids can stumble on it,” Torcia said.

Lowell said CUP does not have a position on the debate.

“We’re not taking a side. We just wanted to show both sides of this issue,” Lowell said.

Questions will be prepared and delivered by a moderator, but CUP members hope audience members bring up questions and issues. After the debate, both Gross and Jeremy will head to afterHOURS and will be available for pictures and autographs.

This Round’s on Me

This is it? I don’t know, I guess I just always thought my first column would be more … romantic. Isn’t your first supposed to be special? Well I guess this could have been special, had the main character of this tale actually called me back. But that would be totally out of character for a guy like Liam Ezekiel. The same “team leader” who knocked his own kicker unconscious with two games remaining in the 2004 season.

Now, instead of celebrating the guy who still has a chance to be a Northeastern legend one day, I will be forced to come at his head.

I’m not one to dwell on athletes’ characters because I’d rather view them as emotionless pieces of a puzzle so I can still enjoy watching them play, however, Ezekiel has had this coming for a long time. But rather than start with the reasons he won’t make it in the NFL — the Division I-AA all-time leading tackler signed with the Buffalo Bills as an undrafted free agent last Thursday –�I’ll show my objective nature and point out the factors he has going for him.

Although the odds are stacked against him as an undrafted free agent, in actuality, not getting drafted may have been his best shot at making it into the NFL.

I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out.

Very rarely do NFL exec’s draft players they envision as key contributors in the sixth and seventh round. Normally they are just looking to fill out their rosters, and more often than not, those picks won’t even make the team.

As a rookie free agent Ezekiel at least had a chance to gauge the interest of a few different teams and the option to sign with the team he and his agent, Joe Linta, felt he had a good chance of making.

Now I know the linebacker has made some questionable decisions over the last few years — transferring from the Big East’s West Virginia (three Mountaineers were selected in the first five rounds of this year’s draft) and knocking out his own kicker, just to name a few — but signing with Linta could annul his previous mistakes.

With more than 45 current NFL players as his clients, Linta has his fair share of experience in pro football. That’s why he hooked Ezekiel up with the Bills, a team that had four undrafted free agents on their opening day roster at the start of last season, the most of any NFL team.

Not only do the Bills have a track record of undrafted free agents on their roster, but two of their starting linebackers are arguably some of the best undrafted backers in the NFL. Jeff Posey and London Fletcher both have played eight years in the NFL after going undrafted when they finished their collegiate careers, and both could probably start on pretty much any NFL team’s defense that doesn’t play its home games in Baltimore.

So it seems Linta found the perfect team for Ezekiel to try and earn a roster spot on; however, before you go out and buy your very own Liam Ezekiel Buffalo Bills jersey, there are quite a few large obstacles he will have to overcome if he wants to prolong his dream of playing in the NFL — and I’m not even gonna mention the fact he is unathletic, slow, undersized and not agile (oops). While the Bills might be the perfect fit for an undrafted free agent, no NFL team is a perfect fit for a Division I-AA player, as only 9.9 percent of the 2,223 players in the NFL last year were from I-AA schools.

Sure there have been some great players in the NFL that played their college ball at the I-AA level, but they are clearly the exception. For every Brian Westbrook or Jerry Rice — both I-AA success stories — there have been thousands of failures. To add insult to injury there are currently only 20 linebackers in the NFL hailing from I-AA schools.

This trend is not without justification. The reason why no students will go to NU football games is the same reason NFL scouts don’t give I-AA stats any weight; the reason you ask? It’s horrible football. I’m talking along the same lines as high school football … in Alaska. Offensive linemen and wide receivers are the most common I-AA players in the NFL, with 38 and 32 respectively, because their positions depend a lot on the player’s size, agility and speed — things that don’t change depending on what school you attend.

Another factor is Ezekiel’s maturity, or lack-there-of. The 22-year-old turned an on-field scuffle with a teammate into a career marring controversy when he knocked out Husky kicker Miro Kesic in the locker room in the waning weeks of the 2004 season. Instead of sticking up for himself when asked for his side of the story he refused to call me back (surprise, surprise), even though I stated in the eight messages I left him that I thought someone that has been such a great athlete for NU deserves to have their side of the story told (again, oops). Rather than man-up and call me himself, he got someone else to call me from an anonymous number and simply say, “You’ve got the whole Ezekiel story wrong.”

I told her that I needed more than an anonymous caller saying the story was wrong to discredit what numerous witnesses told me on the record. So what did she do? She hung up on me.

Regardless of who it was, the fact is he had someone else try and get him out of a mess he started and now he hates The News for printing an objective story about an incident that occurred on NU property … here at The Northeastern News we call writing those stories our job.

Hopefully Ezekiel will grow up after banging heads with a few NFL vets in mini camps these next few months because, although it’s pretty obvious I don’t like the kid, I don’t hold grudges, and I really do want him to succeed. I’m a huge fan of underdogs and if he makes it in the NFL it can only help our struggling football program.

Coke is it for Fenway Vendor

This season, the main attraction in the Fenway Park bleachers has not been beachballs or the wave. It hasn’t been the pitchers in the bullpen and, more often than not, it certainly hasn’t been the game.

When the Red Sox are losing and Roger Clemens isn’t on the mound, what is it that makes the fans turn their heads, stand up and cheer?

“Coca Cola!!”

Dave Kerpen, the self-made vending sensation, sprints up and down the aisles, case of Coke in hands and screams at the top of his lungs: “Coke is it!”

He sings. He dances. He signs autographs. And he sells lots of Coke.

“Working at Fenway Park is a dream come true for so many people,” the Boston University senior says. “It’s very weird because clearly right now if anything, I’m a pseudo-Boston celebrity. I’m not legitimate. I’m a vendor.”

He’s a vendor all right. One night last summer, he sold 360 cups of Coke. While working at the FleetCenter during the fall and winter, he quadrupled the sales of Crunch ’n Munch.

But Kerpen, an elementary education and psychology major, is also an entertainer well on his way to establishing legitimacy.

Not many vendors have been featured in the Boston Herald, interviewed on SportsCenter and approa-ched by a publicist. Not many vendors have signed up to 120 autographs in a given night.

Kerpen, 20, began his vending career at Fenway Park last June.

“I wanted to work there really badly,” Kerpen said. “I kept stopping by and asking if they had openings. They kept telling me no. Finally, they said yes.”

Since Fenway’s vendors are paid only on commission, Kerpen immediately had to pick his position: vendor or fan.

“When I first started, I wanted to enjoy the game; some vendors watch a lot of the game,” Kerpen said. “My first week I started, I had to make a decision whether I was going to sell or watch. It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world because I’m such a big baseball fan. In the end, I figured this is a job, I have to make a living.”

So Kerpen took to the stands, and blocked out the game.

“Last year I was loud,” Kerpen said. “I was always loud, but I wasn’t quite attempting to be an entertainer at that point. I made pretty good money.”

Kerpen liked vending so much that he decided to apply for a job at the FleetCenter during basketball and hockey seasons. He figures his experience at Fenway helped him get the job.

While Fenway employs about 75 vendors per game, the FleetCenter averages only 14. Vendors get assigned the products they sell based on seniority.

Kerpen was usually left with Crunch ’n Munch, the least coveted product. Later it would become the secret to his success.

“It wasn’t going so well,” he admits. “I was doing my thing loud. I started kind of adding things here and there, yelling weird things, singing and dancing.”

Soon, lines like “Crunch ’n Munch rocks the world” and “Crunch ’n Munch is delicious and nutricious” won over the crowd.

“I kind of became the Crunch ’n Munch guy,” he said. “I guess publicity increased and they talked about me on the radio.”

Kerpen’s knew his fame was real when he was featured in the Boston Herald in January.

“People would come to the game expecting to see me and excited to see me,” Kerpen said.

The highlight of his vending career came about a month later, when Sports-Channel interviewed him and broadcast him nationally.

“That was great,” he said. “I finished off the season and I started again at Fenway very excited. I figured number one, I had this new perspective on how to sell, and number two, I knew that there would be recognition. It was totally true. I started off and everywhere I went I was ‘Crunch ’n Munch Guy.’”

Selling Cracker Jacks on cold nights and Coca-Cola on hot nights, Kerpen has had to adapt his act to Fenway.

“It was a little bit frustrating with Coke,” he explained. “I couldn’t dance around as much, so I came up with the balancing on the head. I tried it and it worked.”

So far, Kerpen can stack three cups of Coke on his head, but he says, “I’m so close to four I can feel it.”

Success hasn’t been all bliss for Kerpen, who says his voice suffers from all the screaming and his relationship with co-workers is less than amiable. Once, a jealous hot dog vendor threatened to hit him with his bin.

“Basically, I distract people … and perhaps there’s some jealousy,” Kerpen said. “I get called a retard, stupid, a fool, embarrassing.”

But not by the fans.

“When I feel it and I have a whole section going, when I’m balancing the Cokes on my head, it’s really kind of thrilling,” he said. “I think some of those old hot dog vendors really do believe I’m making a fool of myself. I’m confident enough to know I enjoy what I’m doing.

“The bottom line is it’s a performance,” says Kerpen. “I wouldn’t just walk down the street putting Cokes on my head. The task is to sell. I enjoy selling and I sell more by putting on a perfomance. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t feel people enjoyed it.”

Letters to the Editor

Political prisoner deserves to speak and live

Ben Maendel’s commentary “Death penalty serves no justice for minorities” (April 30) was right on the mark.

More specifically, Mumia Abu-Jamal is one of the most important political prisoners in the world today. The rulers are desperate to silence this revolutionary through death, and they have moved repeatedly to silence him as he is forced to wait to die. They have not been able to fully accomplish their temporary goal; we must protest and fight their attempts. They have not been able to accomplish their permanent goal; we must do everything to stay their barbaric hands.

For those with any sensitivity to justice, every moment of his time on death row is an eloquent accusation against the system.

Daniel C. Boyer
Curry College student

NU shouldn’t have to share with city

As if the Marino Center and Tobin Scholars Program weren’t enough, Northeastern would like to continue its philanthropy toward the city of Boston by giving it space in the Registry Building, should we acquire it. I understand that the university wants to maintain a good relationship with the city, but it is a tragedy that students and staff should be subject to substandard and inefficient residence hall and office space while city employees enjoy what we have paid for. The Registry represented many possibilities for students and staff, such as more modern living, office or classroom space. Instead, the university decided that six of the nine floors would better serve the Whittier Street Health Clinic and Boston School Department.

This decision will have many other costs for the tuition-paying members of the Northeastern community. Police and maintenance service will often be required by these two rent-free tenants. These services will be paid for by university revenue generated primarily from our tuition. These factors will also result in a delayed response time for students requiring service from Northeastern police and plant maintenance, both of whom are already understaffed and over burdened.

When we decided to invest our college years and hard-earned money in a Northeastern education, we assumed that all decisions made by the administration would be made in our best interests. Every professor who shares a small office, every resident student who has to commute or pay exorbitant rents because our university could not accommodate them and every student who is forced to sit on the floor of their classroom because there are not enough seats, should realize that there will be a city employee — who came to this university only because their job required it — enjoying their private, carpeted, air-conditioned office space while you struggle to get by.

Everyone has a right to their fredom

It is unfortunate that part of Will Hunting’s commendable redemption, which is principally his learning to trust in love, consists of his giving up his habit of assault, because the court forces him into counseling as a term of probation for assaulting a police officer. Will Hunting has always gotten off by relying on antique, obscure legal precedents, but this time he has “gone to far.”

I strongly object to any attack on the statutory practice of punching cops. Rather than giving police special protection from the law, which is unconstitutional under the Fourteenth Amendment, they should not be given what the law requires, the same protection as the rest of us, no more and no less, but what is right, an active and robust resistance. Though I would advise any action, violent or otherwise, which hampers the police function, it is especially hard to see what could be said against “resisting arrest.” Trying to preserve one’s freedom is a laudable form of self defense, and that the thugs and kidnappers are dressed in blue uniforms and have a fascination with guns as compensation for their sexual inadequacy does not negate this.


Tunes for the head

One thing is for sure, you will have plenty of questions when you see the new iSoundCap by a company of the same name.

Music fans can now wear their music by tucking their iPod into the iSoundCap’s protective sleeve and letting it rip.

The iSoundCap is a hat that holds an iPod shuffle or nano, and keeps the wire from a listener’s headphones in a built-in spool. The wires come down to a listener’s ears instead of up from their waist – or wherever they usually store their iPod.

Functional headgear now joins a long line of protective covers, armbands, FM transmitters and other audio products and speakers designed exclusively to work with an iPod.

Middler communications major Meghan Gargan, said the product removes the hassle of cords and the sudden silence that comes when an arm swing tears a headphone jack out of an iPod while a favorite song is playing.

“I like the idea of not having the earphone cords,” she said. “They can be messy and get tangled and one always ends up falling out.”

However, there are some questions about safety.

“My concern would be that the iPod would be in the hat in a place everyone could see,” said Gargan. “So I would think it would be easier to steal just by ripping the hat off someone’s head and running off with it.”

Sarah Dufault, a sixth-year physical therapy major, said she wondered if keeping an iPod right on top of a listener’s head is healthy to begin with.

“[It is] probably better to keep that kind of frequency as far away from your brain as possible,” she said. “I don’t think it’s safe.”

One possibility that may boost the wearable jukebox’s popularity is design. Currently, the iSoundCap only comes in black, white, black and white, or pink. Licenses, enabling the hat to include Sox red or Celtics green may bring in more sports-loving New England college students, said Gargan.

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