Getting touched on the T

The MBTA can be a quick way to get around the city, but for some riders, like Cathy Gorman of Abington, it has also led to an uncomfortable situation. During a recent visit with her daughter, Kristen Gorman, she said a male passenger reached under her dress as he was standing in front of her…. Read More

Lubricant: It’s condom sense

Walk into any drug store and there is an aisle devoted solely to sexual intercourse. Different brands, different styles, different uses – the choices can be overwhelming. The benefits of some contraceptives, such as condoms, are widely known, but what about something designed to make sex more enjoyable for both partners? Personal lubrication can do… Read More

Better dorms and gardens

Door beads, lava lamps, flashing lights, Grateful Dead posters …. No, this isn’t a description of a “hippie commune” in Haight-Ashbury, rather it’s become the stereotypical image of a college dorm room. While this may be true for some students when decorating their rooms, others stray from this path and have created quite a different… Read More

Wall of Oppression breaks down diversity

The student-run “Writing on the Wall Project” spearheaded Diversity Week this year, challenging students and faculty to confront issues of intolerance and discrimination in society and their lives. On Friday, Oct. 17, six months worth of time and effort by a group of diversity-driven students culminated in the destruction of the “Wall of Oppression,” an… Read More