Tunes for the head


One thing is for sure, you will have plenty of questions when you see the new iSoundCap by a company of the same name.

Music fans can now wear their music by tucking their iPod into the iSoundCap’s protective sleeve and letting it rip.

The iSoundCap is a hat that holds an iPod shuffle or nano, and keeps the wire from a listener’s headphones in a built-in spool. The wires come down to a listener’s ears instead of up from their waist – or wherever they usually store their iPod.

Functional headgear now joins a long line of protective covers, armbands, FM transmitters and other audio products and speakers designed exclusively to work with an iPod.

Middler communications major Meghan Gargan, said the product removes the hassle of cords and the sudden silence that comes when an arm swing tears a headphone jack out of an iPod while a favorite song is playing.

“I like the idea of not having the earphone cords,” she said. “They can be messy and get tangled and one always ends up falling out.”

However, there are some questions about safety.

“My concern would be that the iPod would be in the hat in a place everyone could see,” said Gargan. “So I would think it would be easier to steal just by ripping the hat off someone’s head and running off with it.”

Sarah Dufault, a sixth-year physical therapy major, said she wondered if keeping an iPod right on top of a listener’s head is healthy to begin with.

“[It is] probably better to keep that kind of frequency as far away from your brain as possible,” she said. “I don’t think it’s safe.”

One possibility that may boost the wearable jukebox’s popularity is design. Currently, the iSoundCap only comes in black, white, black and white, or pink. Licenses, enabling the hat to include Sox red or Celtics green may bring in more sports-loving New England college students, said Gargan.